Your First West Auckland Physio Appointment

Whether you have a referral to see a West Auckland physio or have chosen to see one for yourself, the first appointment can seem slightly overwhelming and have you feeling more anxious than you expected.  Especially if this is your first ever interaction with physical therapy. Although many can give you their personal experiences about how it has worked for them and continuously reassuring you have nothing to worry about, planning for your appointment can sometimes be more comforting. From painful injuries to rehabilitation or just a health check – seeing a physiotherapist can help you in more ways than one in ensuring your body is back at peak health. 

Here at Physio Connect, we want to help you feel as content as possible for your appointment, to help you have a successful therapy session. So we have the following advice. 

Ask Us For Testimonials 

Although you may have heard all about physiotherapy from friends and families, it is best to seek a previous patient’s testimonial from a physio themselves, as this will give you a more accurate perception of what to expect. An authentic experience and how to best prepare for your session. 

Tell Us It’s Your First Time 

When making your booking with our helpful receptionists, always remember to convey important information such as it’s your first experience and ask questions about dress code or arrival times. Although this can be overwhelming and may leave you feeling flustered about asking personal questions, it allows you to gauge more about your upcoming appointment. 

Remember To Bring Any Important Documents 

From X-rays to doctor’s referral letters, these important documents are crucial to the correct treatment and ensure you do not waste your first session. Ask the receptionist beforehand what they would suggest you bring along, whether it’s a form of identification or personal medical history – it can help your physiotherapist quickly assess your needs. 

Besides the first-time jitters, many may still feel that it’s going to be a lengthy and expensive process that can actually end up with no conclusive results or minimal pain relief. Unfortunately, this assumption can actually end up being the more costly one in the future because the longer you leave injuries and ailments to worsen, the more serious the issue is going to become. Which is why we always suggest visiting us first-hand to make a more informed decision about your health. Looking for a West Auckland physio? Give us a call today to make a booking for you.


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Here at Physio Connect, everything that we do is built off the belief that all New Zealanders should have equal access to expert, specialised musculoskeletal services that utilise the latest clinical evidence and treatment protocols.


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