Using Physio To Heal Common Golf Injuries

Golfing can appear to be a less strenuous sport on the human body, but several injuries can develop as a result of poor form and technique. As a keen golfer, you may have even noticed the few niggles, but quickly dismissed it because golf is a safe sport. And this is understandable as it is not as over-exerting as others, but visiting a Hobsonville physio can bring your attention to those pesky niggles developing into more severe issues. 

Every time you flinch or notice that reoccurring pain happening more frequently, it’s time to book a consultation with a physiotherapist. These are some of the most common golf injuries that can occur, that should be taken seriously. 

Rotator Cuff Damage 

The rotator cuff forms a significant muscle group in the shoulder that influences your technique and swing when ignored. They are also prone to damage and injury, resulting in tearing or inflammation. Though they can easily be injured from other day-to-day activities, overusing a rotator cuff in golf can sometimes be the cause of the infliction. As soon as you start to feel discomfort in or around your shoulder, you should seek medical assistance. Your physiotherapist will be able to quickly determine damage to your rotator cuff and assist you accordingly. 

Tendinitis In The Wrist 

One common injury that is quite frequent in regular golfers is tendinitis. Applying to much pressure or overuse of your wrist can lead to extreme pain. Although home recovery methods can consist of resting your wrist with cold packs or coolant sprays, it is not a long-term solution. Visiting a physio can help you determine if your swing is the problem with guidance on how to correct and strengthen your wrist for painless play.  

Golfer’s  Elbow 

Golfer’s Elbow, similar to its more commonly known counterpart Tennis Elbow, is the inflammation around the outer elbow tendon. While this injury can occur as a result of poor posture, excessive physical training, and even overworking at a computer – it still is also a common injury found in golfing. It can be a gradual build-up of exertion while swinging and technique is the most significant contributor to the damage in the sport. However, it is always best to bring this attention to your physiotherapist. They will be able to assess your technique and help you to avoid injuring your elbow.   

While this may not be an exhaustive list of golfing injuries, it does highlight the ones that often go ignored. Assuming that golf is not a physically demanding activity on the body, this misconception can be detrimental to your health over time. Speaking to a Hobsonville physio, such as our skilled team of professionals at Physio Connect can help you. Contact us today to improve your swing and reduce the possibility of injury in the future.


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