Physiotherapy at Physio Connect employs a gold standard, integrated and hands-on approach that is rooted in the knowledge that musculoskeletal injuries dont just cause physical pain but take a significant toll on your quality of life and your ability to stay happy, healthy and doing the activities you enjoy.



Our focus on patient-centred care means we don’t just treat your injury but assess the underlying contributing factors to reduce the risk of it happening in the future or causing ongoing problems. We believe that physiotherapy isn’t just about treating a condition but ensuring that you understand the injury you have sustained and why it occurred, as well as educating and equipping you to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This is why each treatment plan must be uniquely tailored to meet your needs and as we work with you to reach your personal goals. We also understand the need to continue with sport and daily activities throughout your treatment and will work with you to make modifications that allow for this without hindering your rehabilitation or recovery. We have a fantastic team in place to accomplish this with the highest level of skill and care, each hand-picked for their genuine passion for rehabilitation,  people and clinical excellence. Our team has both personal and professional experience across most sports and work with all age groups include youth and adolescent-specific conditions and high performance fundamentals.

As part of our commitment to clinical excellence, we ensure to keep up with the hard work of our peers in research and evidence-based medicine to offer you leading and innovative treatment solutions. These solutions are enhanced by the use of our facilities and on-site gym, as well as the various post-graduate qualifications of our physiotherapists including clinical pilates, exercise science and dry needling. Our physiotherapists are part of our multi-disciplinary healthcare team at Physio Connect, meaning other health professions are often involved in your treatment plan where it may be of benefit, giving you the best in holistic and integrated healthcare.

We are committed to breaking any barriers to accessing a superior physiotherapy service in the North Shore that is free under ACC, meaning that at Physio Connect, every patient under ACC has the same comprehensive and gold standard service with the same expertly trained professionals.


At Physio Connect, any consultation covered by ACC is completely free. No co-payment, no strings attached.

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For your initial consultation, please bring with you any related medical imaging studies you may have had such as x-ray, ultrasound and MRI, any letters and material from any other health professionals that are directly related and a list of any medications that you may be taking. Please ensure that you’re appropriately dressed for a functional assessment - we recommend bringing shorts and a t-shirt. 



Effective rehabilitation following an acute injury is essential in reducing the risk for long-term consequences and relieve pain as fast as possible. This includes injuries caused by sport, acute accidents, falls and musculoskeletal injuries. Treatment is focused on reducing pain and stiffness, improving joint range of motion, decreasing soft tissue tightness, improving strength and correcting muscular imbalances to get you back to full capacity with your daily routine and get you back to work.
Appropriately and timely post-operative care is vital for successful long-term rehabilitative outcomes. We work with you to improve strength, regaining function as close to full capacity as possible, return to work, reach your personal and work-related recovery goals and improve your quality of life through adequate musculoskeletal function.
Rehabilitation for chronic and postural conditions focus on improving strength, reducing pain, modifying activities to allow ongoing participation and education around optimal postures and lifting/bending techniques. This may include assessments of your home and/or workplace so your treatment is specified for your regular environments.
Needling works to relieve pain and increase range of motion at joints and musculoskeletal tissues. It works as a great alternative for acute conditions where massage or manual therapy is not tolerated.
Clinical pilates focuses on re-educating posture and movement to address acute or long-standing pain or injury. It involves functional strengthening that directly correlates to regular activities in daily life, increasing flexibility, one on one training to ensure correct form, optimising time spent on stability and strengthening as well as targeting areas of the body that are typically missed or neglected. This leads to an overall improved quality of life, autonomy and well-being.


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Here at Physio Connect, everything that we do is built off the belief that all New Zealanders should have equal access to expert, specialised musculoskeletal services that utilise the latest clinical evidence and treatment protocols.


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