Musculoskeletal pain and injury may be a part of life, but it doesn’t need to be an ongoing part of life and it shouldn’t have to be put up with.



Podiatry at Physio Connect is so much more than just the feet or lower limb ailments - it’s recognising that the ability to walk and move without pain and injury is a key component in maintaining a healthy and happy quality of life.

We believe that you should be able to fill your days with the activities you love without being hindered by ongoing and unresolved pain. This is why we are committed to delivering a gold-standard, innovative and patient-centred service that is grounded in the latest clinical evidence and accessible to anyone in the region.

Our lower limb therapy team are not only highly skilled but share a genuine passion for sports medicine, biomechanics and clinical excellence.

Exciting advances in podiatric healthcare are continuously occurring, and we strive to leverage research from around the world to provide you with effective treatments and the highest level of care right here in Auckland.

At the core of our practice is a commitment to addressing the diverse needs and goals of each patient. We not only aim to help you achieve these goals but also to surpass them.

We firmly believe in an integrated approach to healthcare, which involves aligning you with the appropriate health professionals and utilizing their expert knowledge to tailor and optimize your treatment plan, outcomes, and, most importantly, your long-term health.

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For your initial consultation, please bring with you any related medical imaging studies you may have had such as x-ray, ultrasound and MRI, any letters and material from any other health professionals you have seen that are directly related, the footwear you wear the most often during the day and for exercise, and a list of any medications that you may be taking. 



Your appointment begins with a 30 - 60 minute consultation with one of our highly skilled and experienced lower limb therapists. This includes a detailed medical history and information collection about your concern or injury.

We undertake a thorough biomechanical examination that may involve the palpation of soft tissues and bony structures, range-of-motion testing of your joints and musculature, muscle strength testing, evaluating your foot posture index, computerised gait analysis on treadmill or hard ground, footwear assessment, photographic documentation of any areas of interest, and more. Your podiatrist will inform you if any further imaging studies are required, such as x-ray or ultrasound, and if these are necessary, write the appropriate referral.

From here, your lower limb therapist will provide and explain your diagnosis - the what, how and why - and answer any questions you may have. Following this, you will discuss treatment options and of importantly what is going to get you the best results in the best time frame. If time allows, we may be able to begin your chosen treatment immediately.

We will also discuss the potential for integration with other health professionals at Physio Connect as part of our holistic and ‘whole’ approach to healthcare and long term well-being.

Injection therapy (ACS and PRP) is a simple process and begins with a small amount of blood being collected from a vein in the arm, exactly as if you were having a blood test. This blood is then placed in an incubator and centrifuge which spins the sample at a high speed for the required number of repetitions to achieve the concentration of proteins necessary for the type of injection therapy you are having. Any processing of the harvested blood is done in a sterile and safe environment within a biosafety cabinet.

When the blood is ready to be re-injected, local anaesthetic and anaesthetic spray are used to minimise discomfort and then a round of the cytokine/platelet-concentrated blood is injected. The remaining sample is frozen and held in the clinic for up to 5 months to be used to complete the full course of treatment.

Your lower limb therapist will discuss with you what to expect throughout the treatment, including what may help and hinder the therapy, and schedule your subsequent treatment(s).

Appointments for minor surgeries begin with some brief pre-operative checks including the blood supply to the surgical site and absence of existing infection. The surgery is performed within a sterile field and local anaesthetic is applied to numb the area. Procedures last approximately 30 minutes and typically do not require you to have any time off work.

The surgical site is dressed following the procedure and you will be given a take-home bag containing materials for re-dressing the area prior to your next appointment along with clear instructions.

Your lower limb therapist will go through the steps of your specific procedure at the time of your consultation and answer any questions you may have. Your therapist will advise if you require pain relief or antibiotics following your appointment.

Physio Connect maintain the highest standards of care throughout our surgical procedures and use only the highest quality of surgical materials as part of our commitment to clinical excellence.


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Here at Physio Connect, everything that we do is built off the belief that all New Zealanders should have equal access to expert, specialised musculoskeletal services that utilise the latest clinical evidence and treatment protocols.


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