Using Acupuncture To Heal Your Body

As we age, we tend to develop habits, which affect the way our bodies operate, which causes more stress. In addition to that, we may also experience illness, disease, and injury. And though we learn to live with these ailments, we should not have too. One treatment solution that can help is the use of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. A technique that treats pain effectively, but as it is often associated with being alternative, people tend to shy away from it. However, we disagree with this misconception, and as specialists in Takapuna physio, we highly recommend using it. 

What Is Traditional Chinese Acupuncture? 

This ancient technique was developed to target pain and reduce it. While the concept focuses on the flow of life energy or qi, acupuncture aims to remove any blockages for a clear path in the body. Whether you believe in it or not, it can support blood circulation, regulate metabolism, and improve immune function. 

What Does This Treatment Consist Of? 

Professionals will determine trigger points of pain, possible areas of blockages, and then proceed to target those areas. Using extremely fine stainless-steel needles which are placed in determined areas, complementary techniques reduce pain, improve circulation, and can address many health conditions. 

How Else Can This Treatment Benefit You? 

Traditional Chinese acupuncture can reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. Inflammation can develop into further pain or lead to more nerve damage; with the release, this pain is drastically reduced. This treatment can also assist in decreasing chronic pain that you may have ignored for years. While other techniques are just as effective, acupuncture works quickly to dispel blockages, and this is beneficial to those suffering for a long time. It also targets gastrointestinal issues, imbalances, allergies, and can improve your mental health too. 

To conclude, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture does work and can work for you. Holistic approaches are just as valid as traditional healthcare, and speaking to a professional can help answer any concerns you may have. Physio Connect specialises in Takapuna physio treatment but also provides acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, traditional Chinese massages, vibration, and trigger point therapy. For more information on what our approaches can do for you – contact us. 


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