The Amazing Role Of Acupuncture In Physio.

Acupuncture has held a notable role in Chinese medicine for at least three thousand years, and over the past few decades, Western culture has come to recognise it as a practice that has amazing benefits to the individual and even more potential. It’s a recognised form of treatment by the World Health Organization thanks to its ability to alleviate bodily pain, help the body to heal more quickly and enhance athletic performance. Here’s why it makes such a good match when combined with physiotherapy.

Why Is Acupuncture So Effective In Relieving Pain?

As a critical component of a comprehensive recovery programme that includes manual therapy, regular exercise and nutrition, acupuncture can result in a faster recovery period. It works by stimulating natural pain-relieving chemicals in the body (endorphins, melatonin and serotonin). Acupuncture needles are placed on particular trigger points that stimulate the release of these natural chemicals. For patients who prefer natural alternatives to traditional medication to manage chronic pain, this form of treatment can provide significant relief.

Acupuncture makes for a good choice for another reason too. Whereas pain medication (prescription and over-the-counter) only help with easing symptoms, acupuncture targets the inflammation, which is often the cause of chronic pain – tackling the problem at the root.

Additional Benefits Of Acupuncture

1.    It Relaxes Blood Vessels

The application of needles on the trigger points boosts the production of nitric acid, which helps to relax blood vessels and allow for improved blood circulation in the body. Due to this improved circulation, blood is better able to deliver oxygen to organs and muscles.

2.    It Enhances Biomechanics

Stress injuries in training and sporting activities are a common occurrence. Acupuncture can help prevent these injuries by facilitating improved circulation and enhanced regulation of the nervous system. Organs and muscles work better to improve movement patterns, and this reduces the likelihood of stress injuries recurring.

3.    It Aids In Recovery From Exercise

Exercise and training place a significant amount of stress on the body’s muscles and joints. Regular treatments limit the amount of stress that occurs and helps the body recover quickly from fatigue and pain resulting from physical activity.

4.    It Improves Quality Of Sleep

Some patients experience a better night’s rest with regular acupuncture sessions. The body requires quality sleep to relax and help muscles heal and recover.

Have chronic pain? Acupuncture may be the ideal treatment solution for you. To find out more, book a consultation with our West Auckland physio today.


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