Standing on your feet all day spelling trouble?

I’m sure that at some stage in everyone’s lives they have experienced sore feet, whether it’s the nurses who just finished their 12 hour shift, the teachers who chased children around all day, or even the women who spent last Friday night on the town in their stilettos…  Foot fatigue is fairly common in everyone especially when you’re spending long periods of time on your feet. 

Standing for five hours or more a day is considered to contribute towards significant muscle soreness, but unfortunately for some standing all day is unavoidable.

Why do my feet become sore you ask? It is important to remember that your feet support all of your body weight, they have a huge job to do! Your symptoms towards the end of the day may consist of swelling, pain, cramping and achiness which can be either localized to the base of your heel, arch or ball of your foot.

Foot fatigue may be self-diagnosed however a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist will be able to confirm your diagnosis.

There are many things you can do to take care of your feet such as stretching and massaging them in the morning or at night. This will help relax and loosen any tight muscles. The most important factor that will help with your foot fatigue is to make sure you have a supportive pair of shoes which are properly fitted and suitable for your line of work. If you struggle to find shoes that fit and don’t cause you pain it is best you visit a Podiatrist here at Physio Connect as they may be able to help you with some custom innersoles. Call us for a friendly chat about your foot ache on 0800 111 788

The moral of this story is to get yourself a good bed and an even better pair of shoes; after all you spend half your life in your bed and the other half on your feet! 


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