Four Signs You Need To See A Physio In Auckland

Are you looking for a drug-free treatment to help you manage pain as a result of a musculoskeletal condition? Have you just had surgery and need to improve mobility to get back to your normal everyday activities? For many people, physio services are life-changing. Physio isn’t only for the elderly or disabled or professional athletes recovering from an injury. Physiotherapy treatments are effective in treating muscular imbalances, chronic pain and improving physical weaknesses too. There’s a very good chance that working with a physio in Auckland will help your body adapt to physical challenges that produce discomfort and pain. If you can relate to any of these four conditions, you might want to consider booking an appointment.

  1. You Experience Pain That Keeps Coming Back

If you’ve had an injury to a part of the body, it’s to be expected that you’ll experience some pain while the body heals itself. However, once you’re recovered, the pain should dissipate. Sometimes the pain returns after time with the possibility of the discomfort becoming chronic. Recurring pain is often experienced as neck pain or lower back pain and a physio rehabilitation programme is highly effective in addressing the underlying problem.

  1. Back Pain Keeps You Up At Night

If you have trouble sleeping at night because back pain is keeping you up, a physiotherapist can be of enormous help. Treatment will help alleviate pain and a physiotherapist may also suggest other sleep-promoting methods.

  1. You Have Problems With Balance And Stability

Poor balance relates to issues with the inner ear. It’s a less commonly known fact that the inner ear plays an influential role in maintaining balance and stability. If you suffer from vertigo or dizziness as a result of poor balance, vestibular rehabilitation under the guidance of a physiotherapist can be particularly beneficial in treating the issue.

  1.  You Experience Pain When Remaining In One Posture For Long Periods

People that sit for extended lengths of time (such as those who have desk jobs) may experience headaches and backaches. Your body is designed for movement and as such remaining in one position for hours at a time can place a significant amount of stress and strain on your joints and muscles. Physio treatment can be aimed at alleviating symptoms associated with cramped muscles and a physiotherapist can also provide guidelines on how to adapt more movement into your day while sitting at a desk. 

If you experience any of the above issues or have another problem you think could benefit from physio, then contact Physio Connect today to work with a physio in Auckland.


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