Sciatica Pain And Treatment

Sciatica Pain And Treatment

A common referral we receive at our West Auckland physio practice is for the relief of sciatica. Quickly becoming an almost debilitating pain that runs along your lower back into your wider back. It is an excruciating ailment that patients put off until they truly can’t manage the pain anymore. For many, it can feel simply like pressure on certain points and others much more severe, but it is a nerve pain that needs professional care urgently. And unfortunately, ignoring it can be damaging to your physical health over time.  Before reducing it to just an occasional ache, back pain in any form should be taken seriously because it can indicate a rather grave underlying situation underneath. 

Seeing a physiotherapist will improve the situation immensely and we highly recommend you consult with a professional as soon as you can. Lower back pain can impact the way you live your life, more than you realise so. We will work with you to develop an intensive treatment plan geared towards your recovery. These are how some of our sessions usually go when assisting patients with it. 

Understand The Causes 

We usually start treatment by understanding what has caused your sciatica, to ensure we can help you effectively. Often every day or even menial activities can cause it, such as sitting or lying down. We examine your daily schedule, identify bad habits and analyse your posture to find the sources leading to sciatica. 

Give You A Diagnosis 

Even if you have been referred to us by another physician, we still like to start fresh. Hence, we might ask for a detailed history of your medical background, give you an examination or may even request further scans such as an X-Rays. 

Start Treating Sciatica 

After identifying areas of pressure on the nerve, we start working towards removing those. We aim to give you a full range of motion of your lower back, spine and legs as well as, complete pain relief. We can achieve this with massage therapy, strengthening exercises, spinal mobilisations and electrotherapy. 

Although popping a painkiller every once in a while, may help you feel well enough to take on the day without grimacing in pain, it will wear off. Faster and faster each time, leaving you with enormous discomfort and limited mobility. Physio Connect can help you relieve sciatica or even possibly alleviate it completely. To book an appointment to help you with your sciatica with one of our skilled West Auckland physios today, give us a call at Physio Connect. 






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