Preparing Your Back For Winter

With cooler months fast approaching, most of our clients already begin dreading the pain that comes along with it. Our Hobsonville physios hear complaint after complaint in winter about how body’s start to ache unbearably and feel continuously uncomfortable. In particular, we mostly hear about back pain and how difficult it is to manage in this season. People feel frustrated and overwhelmed with not being able to relieve their pain instantly as well as, not being able to just stretch it out. Patients quickly come in for relief but find that a week later they are still battling with the same amount of discomfort and do it all again. 

But, we have to admit that in most cases we see they are as a result of poor lifestyle choices that contribute to winter pains and think that’s the cause of multiple sessions. Although we can assist during our treatment sessions to alleviate or relieve back pain, it can be seen as useless if people do not make subtle changes this winter to the way they live. 

Here are some of the causes behind your back pain for the upcoming season to remember. 

Lower Exercise Rates 

Physical activity levels plummet in winter because people feel too cold to workout. Days get shorter and nights get colder, leading many to feel sluggish about their daily walk. As a result, back pain starts to develop due to poor or lack of exercise during the season. We suggest you ask one of our professionals to help develop a winter exercise routine which you can do from the comfort of your own home, so you won’t be able to make excuses as it’s in your own space and hard to avoid. 

Holding Positions For Too Long 

As surprising as it is to hear, lying down in the same position or sitting for hours at a time, can result in severe back pain. The pressure is instantly applied to your lower back and you will feel pain whenever you stand, sit or sleep. Ensure you are regularly moving at the office, by moving from your desk after an hour for a good stretch or walk. Additionally, every morning and night performing light yoga poses can help relieve pressure on your back. 

Increased Weight 

People usually tend to put on more weight in cold months as opposed to during spring and summer, because of unhealthy food choices and the lack of exercise. Additional weight easily adds up, putting more pressure onto your lower back and affecting your day-to-day activities. Go over your activity levels currently with our physios and ask for guidance on how to get active. 

As temperatures start to drop, back pain increases. Patients can become increasingly tired of having to dress up warmly, use relief patches and taking over-the-counter medication to help with the pain. And we can understand why this becomes a rather stressful time to worry about such aches. Let us help you with a Hobsonville Physio ready to give you all the support you need this season, make an appointment today with Physio Connect. 



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