A Top Physio In Auckland Advises You To Keep Active Inside

In light of recent events around the world, you will find yourself being home significantly more and your physical and mental wellbeing may take a knock. Especially for those reliant on professionals such as seeing a physio in Auckland to assist them with treatment for old injuries, this can quickly become an overwhelming and stressful time. Many people may start to feel helpless knowing that their treatment and rehabilitation journeys may be lengthened even further. It’s a tough and frustrating situation for all, but managed properly we can help you get through it.

This useful guide can help you develop a physical activity plan to use while you’re stuck in your bubble.

Consider Your Surroundings For Physical Activity

If frequenting your local park is no longer an option for your daily walk or run, think about the surroundings you are in. If in a complex or apartment, you may be able to do the same in the area. If you have a garden to use, then it can be a convenient space to work out in. Alternatively, exercising out on your stairs in an apartment can help you get your heart rate up!

Try Something New When It Comes To Being Active

Now is the time to try out a new physical activity with the guidance of your physio. There are several accessible and safe yoga or dancing apps available, allowing you to get physical in the comfort of your home. You do not need a lot of space and it can prove to be a fun way to destress after a long day.

Challenge Yourself Safely At Home

It can be a difficult time to manage your mental health when you aren’t able to see your friends and family as easily as you want. However, you can still stay connected and do it while staying active too. Set goals to meet every day that can encourage your circle to maintain a healthy activity level during uncertain times. Target a walking distance or count how many steps you need to take, keep increasing the number of crunches you can do or even increase the number of push-ups you do.

It can be difficult to try and incorporate physical activity and exercise while staying at home, but we can assure you that it isn’t impossible. This coupled with mandatory exercise homework from your physio can also ensure that you do not deviate completely off your treatment plan. Your physical health can greatly impact your mental wellbeing and we want you to know that there are workarounds for almost any situation. Speak to us today about your concerns and we can assist you with an ideal solution for you.


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