Setting Expectations For Your Consultation

Setting Expectations For Your Consultation

Going into your first physio appointment can be daunting, especially if you are unsure about how it works and what to expect. If you have been referred to a physio in Auckland by another healthcare professional for an injury, apprehension is often a common feeling to experience prior to your consultation. And although you may listen to other people’s experiences with verdicts on the effectiveness of their treatment or simply Google away what it is, your nerves may still not be settled. Even if you have previously had physio before, it can still seem like an overwhelming experience if it’s been some time since you had treated an injury or had to seek out physical therapy. 

Some may have a murky idea of what their consultation will be like and others are entirely baffled to the entire concept of physical therapy. Questioning the necessity of seeing a physiotherapist is also another usual reaction we tend to find when dealing with new patients – because it can seem like a very unconventional way to rehabilitate the human body. However, it’s important to remember this is indeed a valid form of healthcare that can only be administered by professionals. It can also sometimes be more beneficial in relieving or alleviating pain as opposed to more traditional methods. 

We have compiled a useful guide to refer back to before your consultation that should help ease any worries you have. These are some of the expectations you can plan for with any qualified professional. 

You Will Be Questioned 

While it may seem strange at first, you will find the consultant asking you detailed questions. This is so that a physiotherapist can better understand your current health and afflictions, previous injuries as well as your daily routines and lifestyle. 

You May Find Yourself In Pain 

Whatever your reason for visiting a physiotherapist, it is essential to us that we can fully assess your range of motion to further evaluate your injuries or conditions. Unfortunately, this may hurt more than you planned for, but it is a required activity to help provide you with a treatment plan. 

You Will Discuss Recovery 

During this portion of the consultation, a physiotherapist will alert you to your diagnosis, your treatment and provide a scheduled plan to help you. They will explain each part of the program and assure you that your injury or condition will be managed efficiently throughout the process. 

You, Will, Ask Questions 

Here’s your opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and offer concerns to your physiotherapist. Not only does this give us more insight into your needs, but it also allows for open communication which is crucial to your treatment plan. 

Lastly, you will likely be given exercises to do at home and the therapist will provide recommendations on lifestyle changes to help quicken your recovery. It’s important that you stick to your schedule to ensure treatment is effective, as well as to resolve your ailment. Ignoring the advice of your physio in Auckland can lead to worsening conditions that can affect the way you move on a day-to-day basis, and even more unexpected medical bills. At Physio Connect, we offer reliable free physiotherapy therapy to help our patients move with ease at affordable rates – contact us today to make a booking.



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