Is There Physio Near Me?

You’re 5km’s away from your recovery with Physio Connect!

Here at Physio Connect, we’re all about breaking the barriers to exceptional, affordable and accessible healthcare. We do it because we believe access to world-class healthcare shouldn’t be limited by circumstances like location and finance.

And we’re at it again! We set out on a mission to make expert musculoskeletal care accessible by everyone across the North Shore and in a few short years we’ve done just that. You don’t have to travel far! You’re now just 5km’s away from fast-tracking your recovery with our highly skilled team of Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Acupuncturists. We have clinics available in:

•    Birkenhead

•    Browns Bay

•    Milford

•    Nort.hcote

•    Whangaparaoa

•    Albany

•    Rosedale

Because your time matters

Accessibility is often a barrier to getting the best and timely care you need to get the best outcome for your pain and injury. We understand how difficult it can be to get across town in peak hour traffic to get to an appointment – especially when you’ve had to leave work early and have the kids in the back seat. We also understand the impact of delays in being able to make appointments on the outcome your injury and your recovery – the days spent waiting until you can get to an appointment can add weeks onto your recovery time and the injury has the potential to worsen in the meantime. With Physio Connect you’re ensured appointments quickly and efficiently with no prolonged periods of waiting around in pain.

All the practitioners you need under one roof

We’ve brought all the musculoskeletal experts together under one roof so there’s no running around between health professionals. You get the care and treatment you need, when you need it. We don’t compromise on delivering you clinical excellence in healthcare.

Our world-class facilities have everything you need to get you back to doing the things you love safely and effectively. We have access to on-site gyms and an array of rehabilitative equipment, treatments and techniques. We’re proud to be one of few clinics in New Zealand qualified to administer injection therapies for musculoskeletal repair and arthritic joint pain.

Albany coming soon!

We’re also pleased to announce that two new physio clinics in Albany are opening soon at the Institute of Golf and next to the North Harbour Stadium!

Don’t wait, don’t travel long distances and don’t spend more than you need to on receiving the best in musculoskeletal care. Come in and see our expert team at Physio Connect today! 0800 111 788


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Here at Physio Connect, everything that we do is built off the belief that all New Zealanders should have equal access to expert, specialised musculoskeletal services that utilise the latest clinical evidence and treatment protocols.


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