Four False Assumptions Prevent You From Pursuing a Physiotherapist Session

Myth#1: Physio Is Only For The Injured

At the top of the list of misconceptions is the idea that physio is reserved only for those who’ve had a surgical procedure or suffered an injury. Physiotherapists are highly trained to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints and conditions that deprive even able-bodied patients of doing the things that they love. Physio can help in pain relief (back pain, headaches, neck and elbow pain), strengthening muscle functioning, improving balance and stability and addressing general fatigue issues.

Other patients that can find physio useful are those with chronic degenerative joint conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment approaches can include soft tissue release and joint mobilisation which can be particularly effective in producing desired results.

Myth #2: Self-directed Exercise Programmes Produce The Same Results

The belief that you can reap the same results physio provides from designing your own training programme is a false belief that could cause more harm than benefit to your body. The danger of self-directed exercise programmes is that you can place undue strain on your body, cause an injury or aggravate an old one.

Myth #3: Physio Has To Be Painful For It To Work

Some patients may feel a little discomfort when starting a physio programme. It’s par for the course for manual treatments to be a little physically challenging but is equally important to remember that your physiotherapist is there to ensure that exercises don’t trigger pain. If you do experience pain, let your physiotherapist know so that your treatment can be modified to alleviate pain and minimise discomfort.

Myth #4: Prescribed Exercises Are Complicated And Time-consuming

Many people believe that the exercises in exercise-based therapy are too lengthy and complicated to do. Physiotherapists are well aware that prescribing hours of exercise isn’t realistic and that by focusing on quality over quantity, patients will remain committed and produce better results.

It isn’t always necessary to be referred to by your doctor to receive life-changing treatment. An evaluation by a Hobsonville physio is often the best way to determine how physio services can improve your wellbeing. Schedule a consultation at Physio Connect to address any misconceptions you may have.


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