Ask A Westgate Physio: Should I Experience Pain When Exercising?

When the new year rolled around, you decided to get healthier by becoming fitter, but now that February’s here you’re ready to give up because the aches and pains that you’re feeling suggest that your body is injured. However, this might your body getting used to the exercise. Here you’ll see why you might be experiencing pain when you work out and whether or not you should continue to do so, thanks to the advice from the Westgate physiotherapists at Physio Connect.

Know Your Body

Before you can even begin exercising you should see a doctor to take stock of your current condition and any aches and pains that you may be experiencing. It will let you know if you’ve developed any age-related problems such as arthritis or have any existing injuries that could be aggravated. When you do start exercising, you’ll be able to differentiate old aches and pains from the pain caused by the lactic acid released in your muscles. You’ll also be able to inform your therapist about your condition so they’ll know which movements to avoid taking you through.

Don’t Let Chronic Conditions Get You Down

If you suffer from chronic pain impacting your joints or ability to move, you may assume you can’t undertake any physical activity. You’ll avoid exercise in the fear that your pain will get worse. However, exercising may reduce the pain that you feel. Loosening your muscles and promoting blood flow might prove to give you temporary relief. Alternately, certain movements might cause temporary discomfort but long term relief. If you’re working with a trained physiotherapist who has full knowledge of your health history, you’re unlikely to risk pain or injury.

Start Slow

It’s great to feel motivated, healthy and ready to take on the world, but with exercising it’s essential not to throw yourself in the deep end. Always consult with a professional (like the Westgate physios at Physio Connect) and never push yourself past your limits. Your physio will help you to determine the difference between challenging and overburdening your body. This will help build up your resistance and prevent injuries so that you stick to your goals to stay fit.


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