When is Physio Not Recommended

Physiotherapy is an extremely beneficial form of movement that is often used to speed up your physical recovery after injuries or illnesses. If you’ve come out of a long period of inactivity due to being bedridden or are a sportsperson recovering from a muscle injury, your family doctor or even surgeon will recommend that you start seeing a physiotherapist in Albany or near you to regain full function of your body and prepare yourself for exercise or physical exertion.

In the majority of cases, physiotherapy is beneficial, but there are instances where your doctor might recommend you hold off on it or exercise extreme caution. So when should you avoid physiotherapy and when is it generally not recommended?

Self Diagnosed Injuries

It’s common for people to seek treatment from a physiotherapist for something they’ve suffered with for a long time. The problem is that this pain could be caused by any number of things. It’s essential to visit your Physiotherapist to ensure that what you are assuming is an injury from overdoing it during a boxing class or a stiff neck keeping from sleeping isn’t something more serious. Your Physiotherapist will likely tell you that you’re dealing with a simple sprain or strain, freeing you up to commit to physiotherapy fully without fears of setting back your healing or making your condition worse.

Post-Physio Symptoms

There are many misconceptions surrounding physiotherapy, and a common one is that it should be painless. After all, someone is going to be touching and making you move an already injured part of your body, and you could experience some discomfort as your muscles are stretched and strengthened.

In simple terms, physiotherapy is meant to help you and not to harm you. There are very few and far between cases whereby physiotherapy causes more harm than good. It’s safe for everyone and is intended to get you back to full mobility and prevent further injury. A good physiotherapist will never push you past your pain tolerance or do anything to make it feel worse permanently. Remember that you might need several sessions to see results too.

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