Working From Home? Stay Fit And Productive

Depending on the type of job you have, you may be fortunate enough to have a work-from-home policy. And whether it’s one day a week or weeks at a time before you’re needed at the office, you should try to stay productive and active during this period. With this article, we explore how you can do just that with advice from one of our Massey Physio experts.

As this becomes a popular employee initiative being rolled out around the world, many are doing it for the first time. With high expectations of boosting your productivity, keeping fit and purposefully using every hour – we all can tend to fall into the trap of becoming lazy and distracted easily if we have no good habits to fall back on.

Here are some good habits to easily incorporate into your day-to-day routine.

Have A Designated Workspace Area 

Not all of us are lucky enough to have plenty of rooms or even space in our homes to dedicate to just working. But you must find a comfortable and efficient space to use as a home office. Try to keep out of your bedroom if possible and away from the kitchen, lounge or dining room which can encourage distractions.

Ask Your Physio About Ergonomics 

While designing a productive workspace, speak to a physio about your health concerns and potential problems that can arise from working at home. We can help you implement effective ergonomics into your set that can balance the strain your body takes from sitting for too long. We can recommend useful products and give you inexpensive solutions too, to help aid you.

Create A Realistic Schedule 

Even though you may feel that you suddenly have more time in the day, without your daily commute to work and back – do not underestimate how many hours you need to stay online for. Ensure you have a planned day, for every day, waking up and starting work at the same time will be beneficial in creating a good habit. It’s also advisable to take lunch and finish off work as scheduled to keep balance and allow you to rest in between.

Get Your Blood Flowing 

In the office, after a stressful few hours, you may force yourself to go out for a break or a walk around the building. But when working from home, you may be putting this off because you think it will affect your productivity. By stretching frequently, you are releasing the strain and tension on your lower back and legs. Fresh air can help you feel more energised and alert, while drinking water continuously will have you feeling ready for the second half of the day.

Whatever the circumstances are, it’s important to inform your physio about adjustments to your schedule. This way the team at Physio Connect can help you prepare and condition your body for the change in environments. We can give you different exercises to implement, evaluate your workspace area and ensure that you are working effectively, both physically and mentally. To book an appointment with us, contact us today.


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