How Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Physiotherapy is well known for treating physical ailments and injuries. However, the scope of physiotherapy is much broader than most realise. Because most physiotherapists take a holistic approach, they can also assist you with meeting your physical, mental and emotional needs. A skilled therapist will look at elements such as lifestyle, diet, personal responsibilities and stress and create solutions to improve your overall well-being. Here’s how they do so.

Physiotherapy & Physical Health

As most people know, physiotherapy is an effective healing method for physical issues caused by injury, illness, medical procedures and other health conditions. It’s a vital component of the recovery and recuperation process for virtually any physical problem. However, it can also be used to treat chronic headaches and pain, respiratory issues as well as podiatry and orthotic needs. In terms of disease such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, physiotherapy is valuable for both preventative as well as rehabilitative care.

Physiotherapy & Mental Health

Mental health issues can be caused by various factors such as pain, the psychological effects of injury or illness, addiction, life experiences and brain injury. They can also be caused or elevated by social problems and sleep disorders, among other things. Part of physiotherapy includes diagnosing problems as well as coming up with possible solutions. The physical wellness and stress relieving techniques employed by physiotherapists are surprisingly effective in improving mental health issues. For more complicated cases, physiotherapists can recommend a relevant specialist that can assist further.  

Physiotherapy and Emotional Health

Many people suffer emotional distress caused by poor self-image, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, stress, feelings of hopelessness and other factors. These may seem like problems that only a psychiatrist can help with, but research shows an active link between physical fitness and emotional health. By using physical therapy, exercise programmes, relaxation techniques, coping skills and other methods, physiotherapists can improve one’s emotional wellbeing and personal social development drastically.

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