Can’t Or Won’t Take Medication? Physiotherapy Is The Answer

Some individuals may have an intolerance to medication in general, or are unable to take medication at a certain point in time. It can make life difficult and sometimes unbearable, especially when it comes to pain relief. In these cases, physiotherapy can be a highly effective solution. If you’re currently unable to take any medication and are dealing with pain, here’s how physiotherapy could help you.

Cases Where Medication Is Unsuitable

Pregnancy: Most medication is unsafe to use when pregnant, and those that are available to pregnant women are often too mild, which makes them ineffective in acute cases, such as intense migraines or painful backaches.

Allergies Or Intolerance To Medication: Intolerance to medication, or certain ingredients in them (such as penicillin and sulphur) is not uncommon. For those who are outright allergic, these substances can lead to death. In some cases, there are no suitable alternatives, and even when there are options, some individuals are opposed to medication in general.

Conflicting Medication Or Illness: For people suffering from more than one condition, its sometimes not possible to treat all concurrently, as the medication that’s effective in treating one issue could conflict with another. Medication is then prescribed for the primary health concern only.

Sensitivity: Certain people experience extreme side effects when taking medication. These include children and people with a weak immune system. Problems such as digestive issues, nausea and headaches occur, and sometimes the results of the drugs taken are worse than the benefits provided.

Physiotherapy As A Solution

Physiotherapy is a natural healing method able to treat various health and wellness needs without the use of chemicals. It uses different techniques such as physical massage and rehabilitation treatment, as well as holistic approaches such as acupuncture.

Qualified physiotherapists are knowledgeable and skilled at providing treatment suitable to every person, and they know which techniques are safe for pregnant women, as well as for the specific health concerns of every patient. Physiotherapists can help identify and relieve multiple ailments to provide holistic relief, instead of just dealing with one issue.

If you’re looking to find relief outside of a pill bottle, the specialist physiotherapists at Auckland’s Physio Connect employ a gold standard approach to service. We offer physiotherapy for consultations covered by ACC, so visit our Birkenhead, Milford or Takapuna physio clinic today.


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