How Ergonomics Can Reduce Workplace Injury & Employee Sick Leave

The term ergonomics refers to the way workspaces are arranged, and the way people use them. This includes the design of desks and chairs, positioning of computer screens, lighting, temperature control and other related aspects. Many employees suffer from common yet preventable ailments due to misuse or improper structure of their work environment. For example, backache from a chair with insufficient support, neck tension from looking down at a computer or strains caused by reaching for elevated items.

​The impact of this on workplace productivity can be substantial. Firstly, discomfort and pain experienced can make employees feel unhappy at work, as well as add to their stress levels. It can also cause tension between colleagues. Over time, the intensity of the physical issues can increase, resulting in staff having to take sick leave or time off to take care of their health.

This, as you can imagine, is an undesirable situation for employers, and can have negative consequences when it comes to bottom-line results. However, this situation can be avoided.

Creating An Ergonomic Workplace

Specialist ergonomic services are available to assist you in overcoming poor ergonomic design, and your local Auckland physiotherapy clinic should be the starting point. They possess the knowledge and expertise to identify risk factors leading to ergonomic based problems, as well as having acquired the training and expertise to treat existing issues that staff may have. Qualified physiotherapy ergonomic assessors can offer advice and suggestions on how you can adapt the workspace for improved efficiency and employee satisfaction levels.

This, in turn, will lead to enhanced productivity and a more positive workplace environment. Investing in fixing the cause of the problem is an excellent choice based on the benefits, including caring for the needs of your employees, as well as creating a better atmosphere.

For employers who’d like to assist staff immediately, physiotherapy is an excellent way to relieve discomfort, tension and pain that they may be experiencing as a result of ergonomics-related factors. Massages, touch therapy and even acupuncture are great solutions for the muscle tension that often occurs.

Auckland based Physio Connect offers expert physiotherapy services, including workplace ergonomic assessments. We’ll work with you to determine critical problems, and the best way to overcome them. For employers, the process is confidential, and we’ll provide a report on your workspace without employees needing to be present. Contact Physio Connect Auckland for information or to book an assessment.


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