Could Your West Auckland Physio Help You Recover From A Brain Injury?

Our understanding of the human body has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to modern science and medicine, but the brain (and how it functions) remains very much a mystery. We’re only just beginning to understand how it works, which is why the field of neurorehabilitation and brain injury recovery is always seeking new solutions to treating problems relating to it. New research indicates that integrating physiotherapy into a person’s recovery and rehabilitation can go a long way to helping them recover from an acquired Brain Injury or ABI. Here’s how a visit to your West Auckland physio could help you bounce back faster from everything from a stroke to a car accident.

What’s An ABI?

An ABI differs from a learning condition or mental illness. It’s something that can be caused by drug abuse, a stroke, trauma to the head in an accident, infection, oxygen starvation (after near drowning) or dementia. Symptoms will include memory, concentration and mood issues but can also involve problems with balance, and one’s motor skills. It’s not uncommon for those experiencing an ABI to find previously easy to execute tasks challenging, and this can dramatically impact your independence, self-esteem and approach to recovery.

Dealing With ABI

ABI is usually diagnosed by a professional and tends to occur after the traumatic event in question. Like most complex physical injuries, your healthcare provider will likely recommend a multi-pronged treatment approach consisting of surgery, medication and other forms of therapy. It’s something that will take place over the long term, and it could be a while before you feel recovered completely.

Why Physio?

According to the ACC, almost 14 000 people are treated for ABIs every year, with only about 500 seeking long term rehabilitation afterwards.

Recent findings published in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have emphasised the importance of physiotherapy in long term recovery. The report, titled Acquired Brain Injury And Neurorehabilitation: Time For Change was released by an all-party parliamentary group put together to tackle ABI, and England’s NHS has decided to integrate it into their formal trauma rehabilitation processes as of April 2019. It means that patients treated for brain trauma will now be prescribed physiotherapy as part of their recovery.

If you’re currently dealing with the impact of an ABI, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and challenged by the effects of your injury. Adding physiotherapy to your recovery program will help you recover quicker, with less downtime and after effects. For more information on working with a West Auckland Physio on your ABI, contact Physio Connect today.


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