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When an injury is severe, surgery often becomes essential, but thanks to medical advances, most surgical procedures are carried out without any complications. For many patients, the most unpleasant part of surgery is the recovery and rehabilitation period afterwards. They might experience days, weeks or even months of bedrest or limited mobility, which can be incredibly frustrating. But very long post-operative recovery periods are now mostly avoidable thanks to advances in physiotherapy and other allied therapies like acupuncture, podiatry and Pilates, which are available from Physio Connect in Milford, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Albany Central and Highway, Northcote, Rosedale and Whangaparaoa.

Factors Affecting Recovery

There’s a common assumption that surgical recovery takes longer as you get older, but research has disproved this. If you ’re obese, have cardiovascular disease or diabetes, then indeed, your recovery time may be longer than average. However, if you’re a reasonably healthy person, your age plays no role in recovery. And if you include physiotherapy in your recovery regime – as soon as your surgeon and doctor have agreed that you’re stable enough to do so – your recovery time will be even shorter.

Researchers have proved that therapeutic physical exercise therapy (or physiotherapy) benefits patients of all ages after a variety of procedures and reduces the length of their hospital stay. Physio minimises the likelihood of postoperative pulmonary complications in patients who've undergone cardiac surgery and, when used in a rehab programme, can reduce the risk of postoperative complications in patients who've had abdominal or thoracic surgery. The same is true for those who've undergone a hip or knee replacement to treat osteoarthritis or similar conditions.

It's important to note that postoperative recovery is not hastened by just any exercise, like the kind you do at your local gym. Rehabilitation after any surgery requires the specialist expertise of a qualified physiotherapist who will develop a tailor-made plan that takes your health, important  outcomes and fitness level into consideration.

Physio Heals Body and Mind

In addition to reducing your physical recovery time after surgery, physiotherapy can also give you much-needed emotional and psychological support after a traumatic experience. Feelings of helplessness and depression are common after major surgery, but you’re not alone. Take a proactive step towards recovery and booking an appointment with a Physio Connect physiotherapist today.


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