How Free Under ACC Aids Your Recovery

By now you’re probably well aware that we’re one of Auckland's largest subsidized under ACC rehabilitation provider. We’re proud of that status because it allows us to do what we do best - help our clients make a fast and full recovery.

Too often, New Zealanders are forced to cut short their medical treatment because they can’t afford it. In our field, it is hugely frustrating to guide someone well down the road of recovery only for them to stop that journey because a lack of money does not allow them to continue. Thanks to free ACC physio, we are able to work with people from initial consultation to full recovery and that is immensely rewarding for us - and life changing for them!

Our free services include gold-standard physiotherapy. If you’ve suffered an injury and lodged a claim with ACC, that means there’s no 'surcharge' for the physiotherapy treatment we provide. This allows you to focus on getting fit and mobile again without the undue stress of how you’ll pay for it. And if you don’t have an ACC claim for your injury, we are able to organize registration and processing at our clinic.

Treatments like acupuncture and podiatry are also eligible for “free under ACC” at Physio Connect. For ACC podiatry, this includes:

  • Initial consultation FREE when booked online for all patients
  • Follow up consultations subsidized under ACC for all patients
  • ACC approved covered orthotics FREE OF CHARGE for all patients

And for acupuncture, “free under ACC” looks like this:

  • Initial FREE OF CHARGE for all patients
  • Follow up FREE OF CHARGE for all patients

It’s fantastic to be able to offer services such as this without having to charge you. It means you can go the distance with your recovery and not have to worry about the financial constraints that often curtail treatments before they’re fully effective. At the same time, we appreciate that ACC is a large government organisation. It can be confusing knowing what you’re eligible for, and how to go about accessing the treatments you require. As New Zealand’s largest Free under ACC rehabilitation provider, we can help you through that process.

If you’re eligible for free ACC physiotherapy in Auckland, we strongly urge you to take full advantage. We know that free physio aids recovery by allowing patients to go through the entire treatment programme - we want you to benefit from that as well. If you want to confirm that you are entitled to ACC physio, simply contact us. We can let you know where you stand and what steps to follow.


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