Boosting Recovery With Clinical Pilates

What Is Clinical Pilates and What Are Its Benefits In Boosting Recovery?

The nature and seriousness of an injury or surgical procedure can pose a challenge to people resuming normal functioning. While the main issue might have been resolved, it can impact your knees, backs or hips for a long time and pose a risk to your overall movement and mobility. To help patients recover faster and more effectively in this situation, physiotherapists may include clinical Pilates in their treatment programmes. Physiotherapists at our massey physio clinic in Massey have specialist training in understanding how this type of treatment encourages optimal healing from injury.

What Makes Clinical Pilates Different?

Clinical Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in that therapy is adjusted to suit the individual and is prescribed by a trained professional. A physiotherapist will factor in a patient’s physical level and abilities and make suitable adjustments to the programme.

Through concentrating on areas such as posture, balance, breathing and core strengthening, the physiotherapist can help patients relieve chronic pain, stabilise muscle control and support the spine. The goal is to provide patients with fast and safe recovery by targeting specific muscle functions.

Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates offers general health benefits in addition to aiding in recovery and healing. This is an ideal form of exercise for beginners as it has a low level of impact on the body. Additional benefits of a clinical Pilates programme include:

·         Keeping The Body Functioning Properly

By working to improve stability and strengthening muscles around injury-prone joints, clinical Pilates boosts the body’s ability to function properly, so it can move and perform at a higher level.

·         Preventing Injuries

Inadequate muscle strength and stability leaves patients at risk of recurring injury. Pilates training improves resistance to injury by enhancing muscle support.

·         Reducing Neck Pain And Low Back Pain

Atrophying muscles in the neck can be a source of chronic pain or tension. This is a common condition, particularly in people who are chained to their desks for hours at a time. Strengthening these muscles will help in reducing the pain and improves the body’s frame.

·         Developing Core Strength

Just about everything one does, from sitting to standing to playing sports, relies on core strength development.

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