What is an ergonomic assessment?

An ergonomic assessment addresses a person’s working environment to ensure it is fit for use. Our assessments are done by qualified professionals and aim to maximise comfort and physical well-being for employers and employees within the workplace. Physiotherapists use their expert knowledge of the body’s biomechanical functions to conduct the assessment.

What are the Benefits of an Ergonomic Assessment? 

These are aimed at reducing the risk of injury and increasing a number of factors through comfort and well-being as listed below. All workplaces will benefit from an ergonomic workplace assessment. There are many benefits to having an ergonomic assessment done by a physiotherapist, such as:

  • Staff happiness will improve as the correct appropriate equipment has been provided for the job
  • Increased concentration
  • Staff will suffer fewer musculoskeletal injuries
  • Work efficiency can improve
  • Cost-effective – less sick pay and temporary staff cover needed

What does an Ergonomic Assessment include? 

It begins with an evaluation of the working environment. From that evaluation, we produce a report which is used for future reference. We look at a whole host of variables, from the height of seats relative to the desks, the computer height and habits of moving around the office, plus specific elements of each job. Here is a list:

  • Desk areas – enough room to work.
  • Chairs are adjustable and appropriate for the user.
  • If the staff are aware of how to adjust a workstation.
  • Analysis of working duties e.g. bending, lifting, repetitive movements, etc.
  • Assessment of the tools provided for the job and the appropriateness e.g. kneeling pads, machinery, gloves, uniform, shoes, headset telephones, etc.
  • Are the staff trained to do their job e.g. manual handling?
  • Staff postures

What is the Outcome of an Ergonomic Assessment? 

The assessor will advise on changes that need to be made and perform a walk through with the senior team. To ensure the desired outcome is achieved, Physio Connect will follow up with the employer once changes have been implemented. We can then re-assess the space. The outcome may include:

  • List of any replacement, additional or repairs to equipment that is necessary to improve the ergonomics.
  • Advising on any training the staff would benefit from e.g. machinery.
  • Recommendations to reduce the strain of repetitive tasks.
  • Recommendations to the staff on ways to improve their working postures.
  • Provide manual handling courses for the staff.
  • Positives that have been found in the workplace will also be documented

Deciding to allow Physio Connect to assess and ultimately improve the ergonomics of your business means creating efficiency and comfort for yourself and your employees. Coupled with our support from the beginning of the process to the end, our ergonomic assessment services can make a huge difference. Contact us today to discuss how to get started


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