They’re Back At Work, Let’s Look After Them!

Isn’t it great to be out of lockdown and going back to a relatively normal way of life? Compare how we’re doing against the rest of the world and you’ll surely agree that it’s pretty good to be living in New Zealand right now. Part of that return to some sort of normality is that our workplaces are open again and employees are back on the job. Now that they are, let’s make a renewed effort to keep them happy and healthy while they’re at work. After all, health and safety have been on our minds these past few months, so why don’t we extend that thinking to the workplace?  Our North Shore physio clinics , plus our north shore physiotherapy clinic in Mt Wellington, can help.

A Physio Connect ergonomic specialist can visit your workplace and carry out an assessment which will look at all elements of your employees work environment from the height of the seat relative to the desk, computer height, movements around the office as well as any other elements of the job depending on the position of the person involved.

The assessor will then deliver a report which will include recommended changes, followed by a walk through with senior personnel. To ensure our desired outcomes have been achieved, we will follow up once the suggested changes have been made. We can then re-assess if necessary to ensure the employee is using their new space in the appropriate way.

An ergonomic assessment is an excellent proactive step which will contribute to the wellbeing of your employees, and to the health of your business bottom line. It can minimise the risk of staff members needing to take a few hours off during the workday for rehabilitation appointments, it can reduce the amount of time off they take with paid sick leave, and in extreme cases, it can stop them from having to leave your company, which could lead to costly employment rounds, not to mention the expense of recruiting and training their replacement.

While some may see a workplace assessment as a cost, we see it as insurance for the future and an investment in your most important business assets. We see enough injured employees in our Auckland physio clinics to tell you that many of those injuries were avoidable. By contacting us now and booking in an assessment, you can greatly reduce the chances of your sick and sorry employees walking through our doors!


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Here at Physio Connect, everything that we do is built off the belief that all New Zealanders should have equal access to expert, specialised musculoskeletal services that utilise the latest clinical evidence and treatment protocols.


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