The Link Between Posture And Pain

Many people come into our Massey physio clinics complaining of all sorts of aches and pains, and from the way they stand or sit, we can often deduce the cause of whatever it is that ails them. Poor posture! It’s quite common but not surprising. We Kiwis are renowned for slouching, slumping and stooping. We don’t pay a great deal of attention to our posture as we go about our daily lives and this is reflected in the back pain, shoulder injuries and headaches that we treat, just to name a few of the conditions we deal with.

Modern living does little to improve our posture. We sit in our cars for longer due to increased traffic, we spend more hours in front of the computer as technology changes the way we work and study, and we collapse in a heap in front of the television after a long day. Consider too, that we’re not as active as we used to be, which doesn’t help. All of these things add up over time, with the result often being a painful one.

This is why we work with many of our patients to improve their posture as well as relieve their pain. A few simple changes in the way someone sits in their office chair, for example, can prove extremely beneficial for their overall wellbeing. Or by adjusting the way a person stands, we can also help them minimise the risk of painful conditions, with back problems being one of the most obvious.

By improving your posture, we’ll improve your quality of living. Some of the benefits of correct posture include fewer aches and pains of course, but also improved sleep and energy, deeper breathing and better long term health. And, did you know that good posture is also good for spinal health which affects your entire nervous system and keeps conditions like curvature of the spine and slipped discs at a minimum?

After reading all of these benefits, you’ll see why we’re so committed to improving the posture of our patients. The effects are far-reaching and extend well beyond mere pain relief. So, for treatment of the aches that are troubling you now, and for the avoidance of those painful conditions in the future, contact Physio Connect. Let us correct your posture, and change your life!


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