Suffering From Arthritic Joint Pain? Our Injection Therapies May Help

Here’s a therapy you won’t find at every physio clinic in Auckland. Or In New Zealand for that matter! We’re talking about Injection therapies for arthritic joint pain. Our North Shore physio practice is one of the few in New Zealand offering this treatment. It might not be commonplace but we believe it could be the key to finally easing that pain and stiffness in your joints and even treating some soft tissue injuries.

For a very long time, our innovative treatment has been proven to be highly effective. In simple terms, it works by using the “good” proteins in the blood to block the function of “bad” proteins that are found in arthritic joints and contribute to pain and inflammation, not to mention the progression of further arthritic degeneration.

The “good” protein is collected when we take a blood sample (just like a blood test), and when we have the correct amount we need, we inject that blood into the affected area. From that point, it combats the “bad” protein responsible for causing all that pain and inflammation. The process is a relatively comfortable one as we use local anaesthetic when re-injecting and the results are evident in as soon as seven days. Many of the patients who have been treated with injection therapies report feeling much better in a week or so; this is clinically proven so as unconventional as this treatment might sound, it certainly works. Just ask our happy patients who are living a much more comfortable and mobile life.

If you’re tired of that joint pain, and the stiffness that comes with it, this treatment could be worth exploring. The pain and stiffness could be greatly reduced, and joint function could be vastly increased. And if you’re suffering from a soft tissue injury, injection therapies could be the answer too.

Remember, these injection therapies are only offered by one or two other clinics throughout New Zealand. Our North Shore physiotherapy clinic is proud to be one of them. So, if you’ve tried everything else and still suffer from arthritic joint pain, we encourage you to contact us at any of our 13 Auckland locations. Physio Connect might be able to finally give you the relief you’re looking for, so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us in the first instance.


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