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Are you currently seeking a physio in Auckland for hand issues? Or do you know someone suffering from hand problems and needing help? Why look for general treatment at any numbers of physiotherapy clinics when we can offer you (or someone you know) specialised hand therapy at our locations throughout Auckland? We think you’re better off when you put your hands in our hands and receive the dedicated treatment you deserve.

This service is just another example of how we offer you an expansive range of treatments under one roof for your convenience. And because hand conditions can make it impossible to live a normal life, we see this service as being absolutely vital. After all, have you tried eating, driving, writing, working, cleaning, washing, gardening, dressing, and pretty much every other activity with sore hands? That’s why we place such a heavy emphasis on getting them fixed up as soon as possible.

At Physio Connect, our hand therapists can treat issues from the tips of your fingers to your elbows. Some of the common conditions we deal with include:

  • Fractures in the hand
  • Sprains of the fingers, wrist, forearm and elbow
  • Post-op rehabilitation
  • Arthritis
  • Sporting injuries
  • Children’s injuries
  • Pregnancy-related symptoms
  • Work-related injuries

As you’d expect when dealing with such intricate parts of the body, our hand therapists are highly trained. This obviously reflects the complex nature of a hand’s physical structure and the treatments they have to perform because of this. Hands are a complicated junction of bones, ligaments and tendons all co-existing in a small space. It’s little wonder that our hand therapists are trained so thoroughly. They choose to undergo an additional extensive training program after gaining experience as either physios or occupational therapists. When you put your hands in their hands, you know you’re being treated by highly trained professionals with unrivalled expertise and experience in their field – and it’s an intricate one!

As we’ve said, any hand problem can make it impossible for you to live a normal life from day to day. We’re incredibly reliant on our hands and we tend to take them for granted when they’re operating at 100% capacity. It is only when problems strike that we appreciate how much we need them! So for the sake of your hands, and for your overall quality of life, contact us and enquire about our specialised hand therapy.


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Here at Physio Connect, everything that we do is built off the belief that all New Zealanders should have equal access to expert, specialised musculoskeletal services that utilise the latest clinical evidence and treatment protocols.


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