A Question Of Balance

When you think about it, our bodies do remarkably well to keep a sense of balance, while keeping us upright. Maintaining our balance is actually quite a complex process and our bodies have to work pretty hard to ensure we stay on our feet. At our North Shore physiotherapy clinic, as part of our physio services, we can help your body help you stay upright, safe and stable.

For our height, we humans only have a very small base of support. To compensate for this, we have to use all of our senses in unison to determine the best movements required to keep us upright. This includes using our visual, vestibular, muscular and sensory systems. As we age, however, these systems naturally begin to deteriorate and don’t work as well as they used to in our youth. That’s simply a sign of ageing but when it comes to keeping our balance, it is often an alarming one, especially when we take the risk of falls into account.

But while our sense of balance declines as we get older, it doesn’t mean that we have to accept falls as an inevitable part of the aging process. If you’re in that more mature demographic, there are steps you can take to maintain or improve your balance. This can give you a better quality of life and boost your confidence and mobility as you get around your home or workplace. This is crucially important as we know of many people who have taken a fall quite unexpectedly and it really dents their self-assurance. They begin to doubt their ability to stay on their feet and become hesitant to do the things they once took for granted.

As physiotherapists, we can help you if you’re feeling a little unsure about your balance. And it’s not always an age thing, so don’t feel you have to have lived a certain number of years to talk to us about any concerns you may have about your balance. We can test all the key aspects of your balance and depending on what we discover, we can devise an effective programme to help you stay on your feet, keep you mobile, and retain your confidence as you move about. It’s a case of being proactive and contacting us now instead of waiting until falls become commonplace and dangerous. Don’t leave it until it reaches that stage. Get in touch with your nearest Physio Connect physiotherapy clinic today.


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