Physio Connect Testimonials

"At PHYSIOCONNECT treatment is always thorough and professional.  They are totally hands on rather than left in the care of a machine making the visit very personal.  Regan took the time to assess my problem thoroughly and then explain the type of treatment required before any treatment started giving me full confidence.  I highly recommend PHYSIOCONNECT."
Raewynn Chan, Retired

"All the therapists at physio connect have managed my injuries so professionally. They have enabled me to continue training through a range of different injuries. Their friendly, engaged service with longer sessions really put them above the rest."
Reuben Hamill, Vodafone NZ and Black belt in Karate

"Regan is fantastic and has helped me over the years with my injuries.   I appreciate his time in explaining my situation in a lay person approach. Always friendly and approachable, I highly recommend his services”.

Ivan Urlich, Mortgage Broker at Mike Pero

"I slipped a disc in my back and was in terrible pain. It was suggested i try acupuncture.
I went along with not a lot of hope or belief about was i wrong! I could not believe the instant pain relief and Kim’s competence as far as finding the exact source of the pain. Kim is my first stop now if i injure myself. Always so kind and respectful too!
Rebecca Marshall, Teacher

"I want to say a huge thanks to Physio connect and my physiotherapist Amy Naiker.I injured my ankle quite severe, and it was a rough time, but the care I received from you Amy was amazing, so positive and practical.
Amy was very professional but so very friendly and easy to talk to. She delivered great service and helped me get back to normal life and movement. Amy knew what she was talking about and gave me great exercises to do. Amy covered all my needs and I am very grateful for such a fantastic service!
Desiree Lee, Early Childhood Teacher

"I met Heewon thru my Physiotherapist who referred me to her for the treatment of my long lasting knee pain.  At the beginning,  I was very skeptical about traditional forms of medicine, but now Heewon has made me a firm believer of it, particularly Acupuncture, after she managed not only to reduce my knee pain for the first time in about 20 years, but also to significantly improve my circulation and digestion too."
Sarah Nanayakkara, Senior Network Specialist – Vodafone NZ

"Heewon has been treating me for swelling and circulating issues relating to a broken ankle and back issues resulting from the ankle injury.  I found Heewon to be amazingly calming and informative in to how it worked as well as being reassuring on how I felt during the whole process.  As time as gone on Heewon has worked miracles to ease the pain and swelling I had, to allow me to lead a normal life, whilst going thru what has been a long recovery process."
Neil Rose, Business Analyst – Process Improvement

"I have been coming to Physio Connect as I had injured my ankle quite severely. Rob Gibson provided me with a thorough diagnosis followed by a treatment plan. He gave me a series of exercises to do at home and was always encouraging to help me achieve my goals. After only a few sessions I regained confidence and i could feel my ankle become stronger as i recouped my balance.
With Rob’s great sense of humour and super friendly personality it helped put my discomfort at ease. I cannot speak highly enough of Rob Gibson at Physio Connect as he provided me with prompt and professional treatment."

Sally Mansoor - Student

"Going to see rob for physiotherapy was really great. He is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful! I noticed improvement (less pain, more strength) pretty fast and was able to get back into exercise and work, which made me very happy ! I would recommend Rob to anyone and everyone and I have referred many people to rob already as I know he will help them and go above and beyond expectations."
Dr. Samineh Baktash – Registered Chiropractor

"My experience with Joe has been a really great one. I came to Joe with a shoulder injury and within a few weeks of massage therapy and stretching and strengthening programs it was better than ever. Every time I went to see Joe I would leave feeling a whole lot better, more flexible, and able to do the things I was struggling to before. After the injury was sorted, Joe went above and beyond to stretch and strengthen my whole body to prevent another injury occurring and to improve my overall performance. Joe always has a smile on his face and is a fantastic Physio and will be my first point of call for any future issues. I have been to see quite a few Physios over the years and Joe is definitely one of the best and I would gladly recommend him to anyone."

Corey Doudle - Student

"I want to say many thanks to Physio Connect and my Physiotherapist Joseph Ho. He is fantastic and has helped me over the 6 weeks I have spent in Auckland with my injuries. I appreciate his time in explaining my situation in a friendly way. I highly recommend his services. I cannot speak highly enough of Joseph Ho at Physio Connect as he provided me with prompt and professional treatment."

Wafaa Yacoub Malak - Medical Receptionist

"Physio Connect staff on the phone were very friendly and there are several convenient locations on the shore.  The initial consultation was very thorough and informative. The consultant processed paper work for ACC claim promptly and made referrals for appropriate scans and specialist to properly identify the injury. Subsequent appointments for treatment were readily available and the consultant followed closely the recovery progress from session to session. Their friendly and professional service is highly recommended!"

Rachel Liu - Banker, Westpac

"I was referred to Eiko by my brother in law who is a patient.  I came to her with neck and shoulder issues.  From the first day, to now, she got to the root of my problem – a suspected prolapsed disc in my neck very quickly and worked away to over a 50% - recovery in a short space of time (2 weeks).  Eiko has magic hands!"

Mary Gee - Marketing Executive

"Six weeks ago, I injured my lower back, right hip, leg and groin.  I was in terrific pain and whilst I was at my G.P.’s, a former patient of Eiko’s recommended her to me.  My G.P., Dr. Antje Bongart (Smales Family Doctors) was happy to give me a referral and I have been seeing Eiko ever since. I have found her kind, caring and totally professional and most importantly she has helped relieve my pain.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly and will continue to do so.  She is an asset to your Practice."

Anne Long - Retired

"I have had the pleasure of being treated by Eiko for neck pain. While the pain was in my neck, she took a holistic approach and considered a wide range of possible reasons for this pain, therefore treated the cause of it, rather than the symptom. She has a friendly and caring approach which puts you at ease so that she can work her magic, and it really is magic. At times she identifies problems that I have not shared with her or even did not know I had myself until she begins treatment. She has the ability to go straight to where the issues are, as she reads my body. At the end of each session I feel relaxed and refreshed, with a reduction in pain. I would highly recommend a visit with Eiko if you have any pain or stress, so that she can work her magic on you!"

Catarina Shunieikou - AUT Nursing Head Lecturer

"I've been seeing Leon recently for a calf and hamstring injury. Having picked up a lot of injuries playing sports, I've spent a lot of time on the treatment table seeing many different physios and I feel Leon is very good at his job in terms of treatment, communication and his knowledge of his profession. He also tends to favor dry needling which is something I had never done prior to seeing him and though it is a bit uncomfortable, seems to be doing the trick! I've already recommended him to other people and having to pay no surcharge is also a bonus. Thank you!"

John Wrightson