Services offered at Physio Connect

Physio Connect employs a gold standard, integrated approach designed to cater to all members of the population. We understand that pain and injuries can take a significant toll on your quality of life and your ability to stay happy, healthy and doing the activities you enjoy. With our integrated approach we insure your pain is addressed quickly by a provider with expertise in the specific area.


Find the right provider to work with you!



- Musculoskeletal expert's

- Hands on therapy

- Strapping

- Post-op recovery

- Return to work and gym based exercise programs

- General rehabilitation



- Lower Limb (LL) Experts

- LL musculoskeletal rehabilitation

- LL acute injury care

- Minor surgical procedures

- Regenerative medicine injections



- Holistic healthcare

- Cupping

- Moxibustion

- Traditional Chinese medicine

- Qi gong


What to expect when you attend your appointment at Physio Connect

Our process always starts with an initial appointment. This is an opportunity for your clinician to get a better understanding of who you are, what your medical history is and build the clinical picture of factors that may contribute to your recovery such as work conditions and commitments in everyday life. Then we will work through any paperwork together and submit the required information to ACC or your insurer on your behalf.


To get an appreciation of the injury, pain or dysfunction, your provider will conduct a thorough clinical assessment.
This will include
- Questioning around your pain, injury, dysfunction.  
- Palpating (pressing and prodding) the area in pain to understand the anatomical tissue that is causing discomfort or pain.

- Speciality assessments to rule out a differential diagnosis.

- Referral for Imaging.

- Starting Treatment.



Treatment may include a range of different elements depending on the stage or recovery you are in or what you may be presenting with. The most common elements of treatment are.

- Manual Therapy.

- Exercises.

- Exercise Prescription

- Speciality Machines such as Tens, Ultrasound or Extracorporeal shockwave.

- Education around your injury and how to manage it.

- Onward referral for further imaging or surgical opinion.  

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