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injection therapies

Clinically proven, Injection Therapy offers a highly effective solution for treating both Arthritis joint pain and stiffness as well as soft tissue injuries.



An exciting, effective and innovative way of using the body’s own ‘good’ proteins that are already present in the blood to block the function of ‘bad’ proteins found in arthritic joints that contribute to pain, inflammation and the progression of further arthritic degeneration. This means that joint pain and stiffness is reduced, joint function is increased, and you can get back to doing the things you love. Better yet, it’s backed by years of clinical evidence and the great biological components you already have in you.

This ‘good’ protein is called the Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist (IL-1 RA), and is collected in correct concentrations alongside human growth factors by simply collecting blood, just like a blood test. After extracting the blood components we need, we undergo a series of injections into the painful joints under local anaesthetic and approximately 7 days after your first session, you should notice a significant difference in pain and stiffness levels. It’s that easy.

We are one of only two clinics in New Zealand that offer this unique solution because your quality of life is important to us and we felt discouraged when seeing an overwhelming number of patients that were dissatisfied with their arthritic management options and their arthritic pain was significantly impacting on their day to day life. Our highly-skilled Podiatrist Steven is certified in injection therapies and will be able to advise you if ACS can help you too - come in and have a chat.

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An advanced an effective way of speeding up the healing and recovery of both chronic and acute soft tissue injuries and decreasing the time it takes you to get back on your feet and partaking in the activities you enjoy. It uses the body's own biological plasma components derived from the blood, and nothing chemical or artificial, to provide a natural alternative to medicines created by pharmaceutical companies. PRP is backed by clinical evidence and is effective in treating conditions including chronic tendinopathy (tendonitis/tendinosis), ligament injury and soft tissue damage including damage to the plantar fascia. It can also aid in the post-surgical recovery following tendon or soft tissue repairs.

Platelets are natural components found in blood that contain growth factors that are essential in the healing process. By injecting plasma that has a concentration rich in platelets back into damaged tissue, the healing process is stimulated and accelerated. This is done under local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. PRP has also been shown to be a superior alternative to cortisone for the treatment of plantar fasciitis (plantar heel pain) so may be indicated for those individuals where cortisone has failed to produce an adequate result.

We are one of only a few clinics in New Zealand that offer this unique solution because we understand the frustration in waiting for an injured tissue when you want to be out engaging in the activities you enjoy and we want to see you back on your feet as fast as possible. We also regularly hear the dissatisfaction of patients who have undergone medical treatments with little success, being advised to simply ‘rest and stay off your feet’, so were seeking an innovative and effective solution. Our highly-skilled Podiatrist Steven is certified in injection therapies and will be able to advise you if PRP can help you too - come in and have a chat.

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