Physio Connect Products

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Exercise and Equipment

Exercise theraband, wrist weights, back rollers, balance pads, decline boards, pilates mats, posture balls/swiss balls, foam rollers, shoulder pulleys spikey massage balls.

Tapes & bandages

Rigid 38mm sports tape, EAB tape, kinesio tape (K-tape) Tubigrip,
under wrap.

Comfort and Support

Lumbar D rolls, lumbar rolls, Memory foam profile pillows.

Hot & cold therapy

Cold packs, wheat bags, icepacks

Rubs and creams

Antiflamme, Allcare rub 90g and 450g, massage wax

Braces and Supports

Variety of braces and supports for all ailments/injuries. Check the link and search for what you would require and we can access these at industry prices for you.

Foot care

A range of different orthotics that can be supplied and fitted after thorough assessment by one of our experienced Physiotherapists.