Achilles Pain


Achilles tendinitis/Tendonopathy
refers to the damage to and irritation of your achilles tendon - the cord-like tendon that extends from your calf muscles into the back of your heel. It plays an important role in helping you take your foot off the ground when you walk and generally any action or activity that involves pointing your toes, especially sporting activities that have quick transitions between standing still and running or moving suddenly. Unlike plantar fasciitis pain that is felt beneath the heel, achilles pain will be felt at the back of the heel and may radiate up the back of your lower leg. Causes include increases in activities that strain the tendon like those requiring standing on the toes, tightness in the tendon and calf musculature, faulty foot biomechanics that increases the load on the tendon, improper footwear and more. This condition is not uncommon and as such can be effectively managed and resolved.